Meal Delivery

An In-Depth RealEats Review (From Years of Experience)

When I first tried RealEats in 2018, I knew there was something special about it. Many years later, it continues to impress.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to write a review, but I’ll stop boring you with a long-winded intro. Instead, I’ll jump right in sharing my experience with RealEats over the years. Since that first meal, I’ve probably averaged an order a month from RealEats.

So, let’s get started!

Running Headphones

Jabra Elite Active 75t Review: The Real Deal For Running

Over the years, I’ve used various wired, wireless, and true wireless headphones for running. It’s safe to say the Jabra Elite Active 75t are, by far, the best running headphones I’ve owned.

A handful of things really stand out about them:

  • The secure and comfortable fit. This is probably the thing that surprised me the most. I didn’t think these headphones would fit as well as they do.
  • They’re fantastic all-around headphones. They seamlessly transition from running and other physical activities to daily at home/office use really well (for phone calls or listening to music at work).
  • The sound quality is terrific for running headphones. Especially after adjusting the EQ in the Jabra Sound+ iPhone/Android app.
  • A well-designed smartphone app. It lets you customize a lot of useful things (EQ, headphone settings/buttons, etc.).

Now let’s dive into specific areas, including things I don’t like about them, who they’re not for, and a budget-friendlier alternative.

Meal Delivery

Factor vs Freshly (The Crown Goes To …)

Having been a regular customer of meal delivery services since 2016, I’m always on the look out for new players—mainly for added variety. It’s nice being able to rotate between a few different food delivery services each month so I’m not getting tired of the same meals every week.

So when I started seeing ads for Factor, I was curious how they’d stack up against my current favorite, Freshly.

(True story … Freshly was the very first company I ever bought anything from because of an Instagram ad.)

Since I was in the market for a new meal delivery service in my regular rotation, I thought it’d be fun to see how Factor would stack up against Freshly, and if it would be good enough to order from regularly.

To decide, I ordered six meals from Freshly one week and then six meals from Factor the next. I did this for a month which means I tried twelve meals from each company.

Based on my experience with those meals, I compared them in these six categories:

  • Taste: Do they taste better than the microwaved meals I grew up eating as a kid?
  • Cost/Value: For what you pay and get, is it worth it?
  • Variety: How many different meals can I choose from?
  • Nutrition: Do the meals meet specific dietary or nutritional requirements?
  • Website/App: How user friendly are they?
  • Customer Service: If I have I have issues or questions, will I get prompt and helpful answers?
  • Worth Mentioning: Things I ran into along the way.
  • Overall Winner: Is there a clear winner?

Let’s take a look at who wins each round and ultimately takes the overall crown.


Koala, Kiwi, Doodle, and Tinker Crate Reviews

There’s a lot of pressure being the World’s Best Parent (or uncle in my case).

Now that my niece (1) and nephew (3) live nearby, I don’t want my play time with them always being mindless activities just meant to take up time. While they’re growing up so fast, I want to be a catalyst for their learning and development.

As a parent, I’m sure you relate and probably feel that pressure more than I do.

So it was good timing when I discovered a company called KiwiCo.

Here’s what their website says.

KiwiCo was created to celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity, while helping parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children.

They do this by sending you a “crate” every month with a STEAM-inspired (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) project. They currently have seven lines:

  • Tadpole Crate (Ages 0-2)
  • Koala Crate (Ages 3-4)
  • Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8)
  • Atlas (Ages 6-11)
  • Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+)
  • Doodle Crate (Ages 9-16+)
  • Eureka (Ages 14-104)

You pick the line that best fits your kid, and they promise to deliver hands-on fun and learning every month.

I was intrigued by the idea of a self-contained, educational activity-in-a-box, but I had some questions.

  • How interesting would the activity be to my nephew?
  • Would it really be educational?
  • Is it worth the money (a monthly subscription)?

To answer those questions, I admittedly went a little buck wild.

Meal Delivery

GoReadyMade Review (The Verdict After 36 Meals in 6 Weeks)

?? GoReadyMade

Unfortunately, I got an email from GoReadyMade on March 11, 2019 that said, “We’re sorry to break the news, but GoReadyMade is no longer taking orders. We’re revisiting our service and will get back in the near future.”
Bummer! But if you’re looking for a similar service, I highly recommend Freshly.

Over the last couple years, I’ve stayed alive primarily because of prepared meal delivery services. Ones that send pre-cooked meals and require zero cooking skills.

Going from hungry to eating in a few minutes and then only having to wash a fork afterward is a literal game changer.

Up until this point, my budget only allowed for six meals every other week. But recently, I added a little more room in the budget and was ready to bump that up to every week.

That single decision may have just increased my life expectancy by a decade.

In an effort not to burn myself out on a single food delivery service, I wanted to add some others to the rotation. I believe using a different company each week will keep my taste buds fresh and keep me from getting tired of any one company.

After doing some research, GoReadyMade was the first one I wanted to try. After six weeks and 36 meals, what’s the verdict—will GoReadyMade make it into my regular rotation?