Meal Delivery

GoReadyMade Review (The Verdict After 36 Meals in 6 Weeks)

?? GoReadyMade

Unfortunately, I got an email from GoReadyMade on March 11, 2019 that said, “We’re sorry to break the news, but GoReadyMade is no longer taking orders. We’re revisiting our service and will get back in the near future.”
Bummer! But if you’re looking for a similar service, I highly recommend Freshly.

Over the last couple years, I’ve stayed alive primarily because of prepared meal delivery services. Ones that send pre-cooked meals and require zero cooking skills.

Going from hungry to eating in a few minutes and then only having to wash a fork afterward is a literal game changer.

Up until this point, my budget only allowed for six meals every other week. But recently, I added a little more room in the budget and was ready to bump that up to every week.

That single decision may have just increased my life expectancy by a decade.

In an effort not to burn myself out on a single food delivery service, I wanted to add some others to the rotation. I believe using a different company each week will keep my taste buds fresh and keep me from getting tired of any one company.

After doing some research, GoReadyMade was the first one I wanted to try. After six weeks and 36 meals, what’s the verdict—will GoReadyMade make it into my regular rotation?