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Factor 75 vs Freshly (Who Will Take the Crown?)

Factor 75 vs Freshly

Having been a regular customer of meal delivery services since 2016, I’m always on the look out for new players—mainly for added variety. It’s nice being able to rotate between a few different food delivery services each month so I’m not getting tired of the same meals every week.

So when I started seeing ads for Factor 75, I was curious how they’d stack up against my current favorite, Freshly.

(True story … Freshly was the very first company I ever bought anything from because of an Instagram ad.)

Since I was in the market for a new meal delivery service in my regular rotation, I thought it’d be fun to see how Factor 75 would stack up against Freshly, and if it would be good enough to order from regularly.

To decide, I ordered six meals from Freshly one week and then six meals from Factor 75 the next. I did this for a month which means I tried twelve meals from each company.

Based on my experience with those meals, I compared them in these six categories:

  • Taste: Do they taste better than the microwaved meals I grew up eating as a kid?
  • Cost/Value: For what you pay and get, is it worth it?
  • Variety: How many different meals can I choose from?
  • Nutrition: Do the meals meet specific dietary or nutritional requirements?
  • Website: How user friendly is their website?
  • Customer Service: If I have I have issues or questions, will I get prompt and helpful answers?
  • Worth Mentioning: Things I ran into along the way.
  • Overall Winner: Is there a clear winner?

Let’s take a look at who wins each round and ultimately takes the overall crown.


Winner: Factor 75

As I was taking notes on each meal, I noticed myself commenting on Factor 75’s flavor pretty consistently. Stuff like “good flavor” or “nice seasoning.” This was probably aided by some meals having sauces on the side. But even without the sauces, Factor 75 meals generally had more flavor and seasoning.

For this reason, Factor 75 got the nod for having better tasting meals.

Freshly and Factor Discounts

If you decide to give Freshly or Factor a try, make sure you take advantage of discounts below.

Freshly: Get $50 off your first three orders.
Factor: Get $40 off your first order.

Note: If you order using any of the links in this post, you’ll get a generous discount and I’ll get some extra fun money (an actual budget category of mine). I paid for all the meals myself.

For comparison, I give Factor 75 an 8 out of 10 on taste whereas Freshly gets a 7. Even though Freshly lost this category, it doesn’t mean their meals are devoid of taste; they were still good, just with a more subtle flavor profile.

Overall, both meal delivery services are winners in my book.

You would never know these meals came from a microwave unless you saw me heating them up first. Friends and family have all made similar comments.

And depending on your preferences, you may actual like Freshly’s more subtle flavor profile over Factor 75’s. I just like having a flavor explosion in my mouth. For example, where most normal people squeeze one lime wedge into a bowl of pho (Vietnamese soup), I’ll squeeze four or five. 😂


Winner: Freshly (by 10-18% per meal depending on plan)

For comparison purposes, I’m looking at the 4, 6, and 12-meal plans from each (the only ones offered by both). In addition to those, Freshly offers a 9-meal plan while Factor 75 offers 8 and 18-meal plans.

Here’s a cost breakdown per meal.

Meal PlanFreshlyFactor 75
4$13.65 ($49.99)$15 ($60)
6$10.92 ($59.99)$12.83 ($77)
8$13.38 ($99)
9$10.92 ($89.99)
12$9.83 ($107.99)$11.50 ($138)
18$11 ($198)

Note: Freshly charges sales tax in Tennessee (9.25%) whereas Factor 75 doesn’t. Sales tax is included in the Freshly numbers. The base cost per meal plan is in parenthesis. Neither “charges” for shipping.

I typically order 6-meal boxes so Freshly is cheaper by $1.91/meal.

If the meal portions were exactly the same then Freshly would be the clear winner here. But Factor 75 meals are a tad larger from what I can tell. So I did factor that in when choosing a winner in this category.

Freshly still got the nod since the size of the meals didn’t justify the increased cost. I didn’t feel like I was any more full from Factor 75’s meals over Freshly’s.

One interesting difference, portions for the protein and sides were generally balanced with Freshly meals. Meaning the amount of food for the sides felt appropriate for the amount of protein. However, for about half the Factor 75 meals I tried, the sides were significantly smaller than the protein (almost to the point of laughable).

And if you’re a protein guy (like me), you might prefer Factor 75’s portions over Freshly’s.

Factor 75’s seafood, pork, steak, etc. portions were almost always larger than Freshly’s by a noticeable amount.


Winner: Freshly (because of more meal options)

As of this review, here’s a breakdown meals provided by Freshly and Factor 75.

TypeFreshlyFactor 75

Both of them provide a pretty wide range of options. For someone who typically orders six meals at a time, I was always able to get a good variety of meals across different proteins (e.g. chicken, seafood, beef, etc.).

I never felt like I was eating too much of one type of meal.

But looking at the breakdown above, there are some things that stand out:

  • Freshly has 30 meals while Factor 75 only has 19.
  • Freshly has pasta dishes while Factory 75 doesn’t.
  • On the flip side, Factor 75 has breakfast and lamb options which Freshly doesn’t.
  • Freshly has more vegetarian options.
  • Factor 75 has more pork options.

Granted, these are subject to change depending on the season and what’s on the menu.

Another thing to point out, Freshly started rolling out bowls to customers on the East Coast (launching nationally in 2020). If you’re within the delivery area (which includes me in Tennessee), the menu adds six bowl options.

That provides even more variety over Factor 75.

So while both have similar choices across different proteins, Freshly takes home the trophy because there’s more options to choose from.


Winner: Factor 75 (if you’re on a specific diet or have nutritional requirements)

This doesn’t mean Factor 75 is healthier or more nutritious than Freshly, it just means Factor 75 has more emphasis on the nutritional aspects of their meals.

They take two different approaches.

Freshly markets itself as “healthy meals delivered to you” (i.e. healthy and convenient). Factor 75 takes the “meals for optimal nutrition” route (i.e. focusing on nutrition).

Sort Meals - Freshly

When choosing meals, Freshly groups meals by rotating specials, seasonal selections, and Freshly faves. The grouping isn’t based on diets or nutritional requirements.

You can, however, sort meals by the amount of calories, total fat, sodium, carbs, total sugar, or protein.

On the flip side, Factor 75 intentionally categorizes meals by diet or nutritional requirement.

  • Ketogenic Meals
  • Paleo Meals
  • High Protein Meals (> 35g)
  • Low Calorie Meals (< 500 kcal)
  • Low Carb Meals (< 35g)

Factor 75 has a much stronger emphasis on nutrition. You can ask their dietician questions (seemingly for free via an online form), schedule a free 20-min nutrition coaching call, or buy more in-depth nutrition coaching packages.

Nutrition Dashboard - Factor 75

Freshly and Factor Discounts

The nice thing about Freshly and Factor is they provide significant discounts to first-time customers. So don’t forget to take advantage of them below.

Freshly: Get $50 off your first three orders.
Factor: Get $40 off your first order.

Just for fun, I did take advantage of the free 20-min consult and was pleasantly surprised at how low key it was.

I was fully expecting a hard sell for paid coaching packages or hyping Factor 75 meals for hitting nutrition goals, but there was zero mention of those things. Even as we wrapped up and there was still five minutes left in our time.

The entire call was just the head dietician answering my questions.

Since I’ve been ramping up my run training and increasing my mileage (35+ miles/week), I had been wondering how increased mileage would impact my nutritional needs.

So all my questions were centered around that.

The dietician was extremely helpful, friendly, and gave me some actionable advice. It probably helped that she was a runner herself so understood that world.


Winner: Freshly (by a healthy margin)

I’m not always Judgy McJudgerson when it comes to a company’s website. However, with meal delivery services where I’m regularly interacting with their website, I care a lot about usability.

How easy is it to choose meals, skip weeks, or make changes to my account?

This is an area where Freshly easily out classes Factor 75. From a design/aesthetic standpoint, that’s clear looking at both websites side by side.

Choosing Meals - Freshly
Choosing Meals - Factor 75

It’s obvious there was a lot of intentionality put into Freshly’s design, layout, and how users would perform basic tasks. Freshly’s website is just way more user friendly.

A prime example of this is the “weekly overview” page where both services let you make changes to weekly orders.

Freshly lets you update four weeks at a time while Factor 75 limits you to two. And any changes to an order (e.g. choosing meals, skipping a week, and changing the delivery date/address or number of meals) are easily accessible, requiring a single click to access versus two in Factor 75.

Updating delivery options - Freshly
The most common settings are all accessible within one click.

Now, an extra click might seem like a trivial thing to point out, however, it’s a noticeable improvement as I was interacting with both websites regularly each week.

Not to mention Freshly groups all common options together whereas Factor 75 puts some options (e.g. updating meals) one place and other options (e.g. changing number of meals) in a different spotl

It’s the subtle things Freshly does that make me believe they cares about the details.

One odd decision on Factor 75’s website is using carousel-style navigation for viewing meals. So you see one row of meals and have to click on a right arrow to cycle through the other meals. It’s a really cumbersome way to view every meal. And while they provide an option to expand the carousel to view all the meals at once, it does require an extra click (seems like a common theme with Factor 75’s website).

Meal Carousel - Factor 75

Customer Service

Winner: Tie (despite wanting to choose a winner)

While I hate declaring anything a tie (because it feels like a cop out), I don’t have enough experience with Factor 75’s customer service to declare a definitive winner.

I have a lot more experience with Freshly’s customer service since I’ve been a customer for longer. I’ve reached out to Freshly probably 10+ times compared to twice for Factor 75.

It didn’t seem fair to declare a winner when interactions with both were extremely positive. Responses times were quick, friendly, and seemingly unscripted (like an actual person with personality was on the other end).

Factor 75 Response

Thanks for reaching out!  Christina here, head dietitian with Factor 75.  Technology is great until it’s not and then it’s just frustrating!  Hopefully, I can help! 

Is this the link that you were following to schedule? 


If that link isn’t working for you, please feel free to toss over a few times that work for you (along with your timezone and best phone number), and I’ll schedule you from my end. 

Freshly Response

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, and I’m so sorry for any confusion in regards to your forthcoming order! I’m absolutely happy to take care of this for you, as we certainly don’t mean to catch anyone by surprise!

I want you to know that I will do everything I can to stop these meals from being produced and shipped. Rest assured, those meals will not go to waste! Whenever possible, we do our very best to donate all leftover meals to those in need. Waste not, want not, as the saying goes!

Freshly and Factor 75 provide support via email, phone, or text while Freshly adds a live chat option.

All in all, I’m confident I’ll be taken care of whenever reaching out to support for either company.

Worth Mentioning

Before I declare an overall winner, there are somethings worth mentioning about each service.


They have an iOS and Android app. The iOS app is beautifully done and useful to regular customers. Choosing meals and skipping weeks can all be done within the app. I found the notifications reminding me to update my meals before the deadline extremely handy.

You can choose what day of the week meals are delivered on. At least where I live in Tennessee, I can have meals delivered Wednesday through Saturday. Since I travel semi regularly, this is a great feature. If I know I won’t be in town on Wednesday (when I typically have meals delivered), I can move it to Thursday.

In contrast, I can only get Factor 75 meals delivered on Tuesday.

Factor 75

You can order meals without a weekly subscription. After your first order, you can cancel your weekly subscription but still place one-off orders without having to reactivate a weekly subscription.

Since I regularly try different meal delivery services, I’m constantly bouncing from service to service making sure I skip the right weeks so I’m not doubling up on orders.

That’s a hassle.

With Factor 75, I don’t have to worry about that because I can just order whenever I want without fearing they’ll send me meals I never ordered. Freshly on the other hand requires I either remember to manually skip weeks or constantly cancel/reactivate my subscription whenever I want to place an order.

While both services make it easy to cancel/reactivate from their websites, it is an extra step that feels unnecessary with Freshly.

Regular upsells to their wellness packages are annoying. I keep getting these pop ups even after clicking No thanks each time.

Annoying upsell - Factor 75

Overall Winner

And the championship belt goes to … Freshly!

When buying or recommending anything, it all boils down to value for me. Based on my priorities, does the price justify what you get?

In the case of Freshly vs Factor 75, taste, cost, and variety are my main priorities. On that front, Freshly provides the better value. While Factor 75 meals are better tasting and a tad larger, IMHO, they’re not worth the extra $1.91 per meal.

Freshly and Factor Discounts

If you decide to try either one, save some money using the discounts below.

Freshly: Get $50 off your first three orders. You can skip weeks and cancel any time.
Factor: Get $40 off your first order.

Bottom line: Freshly offers a larger variety of meals (especially if you live on the East Coast) that are still good tasting but 10-18% cheaper than Factor 75.

When push comes to shove, I’d recommend Freshly over Factor 75 a large majority of the time.

The only time I’d recommend Factor 75 over Freshly would be if someone had specific nutritional requirements that Freshly couldn’t meet. Or if taste was important and cost didn’t matter.

Now, going back to my earlier question: Is Factor 75 good enough to order from regularly? The answer to that is, yes. Despite the higher cost, I can justify paying it once a month for the added variety. I just couldn’t justify paying it more often than that. So for someone like myself rotating different meal delivery services each month, I see Freshly as the best primary option and Factor 75 as a great secondary option.

Well, there you have it. If you’ve tried either service, do my observations line up with yours? Let me know in the comments!

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I tried 12 Freshly meals and found them to begin tasting alike after the 4th or 5th one…I detected some kind of seasoning that seemed present as an aftertaste in everything…maybe too much salt…the chicken dishes were mushy. I was hoping to like because the concept is great. I’ll try Factor soon.

you know, i think i could can see how the meals start tasting the same after awhile. it didn’t used to be the case but nowadays, there’s definitely a common “base” for a lot of the meals. i need to update this review because i think i’m slowly starting to prefer factor more because the meals feel more varied and tastier.

sweet, let me know what you think of freshly. and i just noticed factor has a discount now for new customers. so when you give factor a try, be sure you take advantage of the $40 off link in my post!

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